How to Sell Your House


Everyone’s dream is to be a home owner. After living in your own house for the longest time, you might get bored or desire to upgrade into a bigger house. Most of people sell their houses in order to afford another. They approach real estate agents to get them buyers. Why should you entrust your house to an agent who will mint money out of it when you can sell the house yourself? This is a clear road that will take you through the process of selling your house without the help of realtors.

  1. Approach A Property Surveyor To Value Your Property.

You will need to price your home. Get the right price and a competitive one with the help of a professional like a property surveyor. It will be a wise idea to browse over the internet and compare the prices offered in the neighborhood for you to charge yours accordingly.

  1. Hire A Professional Photographer To Take Photos And Stage The House.

Home stagers view the house from the eye a buyer. They are able to tell the good sides and shortcomings of your house and advise accordingly. Remember the first impression matters, so the buyers must be impressed by the listed photos. Read sell your house fast reviews here!

  1. Market Your House

You can market your house by listing at Multiple Listing Service or other online platforms for selling houses. You are also advised to use the rostrum provided by the social media to drum more ads for your house. There might some small costs incurred in advertising your house but they are worth it. Also, the friend-tell-a-friend is another marketing strategy that might work for you. To know more ideas on how to select the best real estate, go to

  1. Prepare And Perform Your Own Negotiations

With consistent and diligent marketing, buyers will begin hitting your phone or your inbox. This is the right time to prepare and perform negotiations. Most agents use a form of contract that is given to the seller who can accept the offer or revise before giving it over to the buyer. In most countries/states there is a standard contract and if you cannot interpret it, seek help from a lawyer. After this, you can negotiate with the prospecting buyer. Being active in the negotiations protects you from exposing your financial strengths and weaknesses unlike with an agent who might seal the deal in order to get his commission even when you are not comfortable with amount given, we buy properties for cash here!

  1. Complete The Sale

The sale is complete when the property changes ownership and payment accepted by the seller who hands over the keys to the house to the new owner – the buyer. Make sure you also comply with all the laws related to selling houses in your area.

Lastly selling a home entails a lot of hassles like low price listing and the effort made to sell it without an agent. You will need to exercise some patience.


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